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He wrote: “Simply send in a photo of your ballot paper from polling day showing you voted against the Conservative candidate and this complimentary gift will be mailed to you.” The artwork is taken from his iconic “girl with a balloon” motif but now features a Union Jack flag in the balloon. In a “lawyer’s note” disclaimer, Banksy’s post added: “This print is a souvenir piece of campaign material, it is in no way meant to influence the choices of the electorate, has no monetary value, is for amusement purposes only and is strictly not for resale.“Terms and conditions to follow, postage not included.” Under Section 66 of the Representation of the People’s Act, it is a criminal offence to “induce a voter to display his ballot paper after he has marked it so as to make known to any person the name of the candidate for whom he has or has not voted”.Another Lantern clock, C1675, with the "new" long pendulum and anchor escapement this clock had to be hung on the wall to run.

Now instantly recognisable as a longcase, or "grandfather" clock.

The piece – which appeared overnight on a building beside the A20, near Dover’s ferry terminal – features the artist’s signature stencil work.

It showed a monochrome worker removing one of the European flag’s 12 stars – a photo of the artwork was posted on his Instagram feed.

Dover is a major port for ferries to Calais, France, where Banksy’s work has previously appeared.

The Bristol-based artist’s most recent project includes a Bethlehem-based hotel that’s decorated like English gentlemen’s club.