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Today couples have an onslaught of distractions keeping them from having sex, Andres said.“A lot more people are connected to devices— if they are watching videos, TV in the bedroom, texting or updating Twitter feeds, it's detrimental to their sex lives,” Andres said.She compares refreshing a Twitter or Facebook feed to gambling.“That immediate gratification can be more compelling than let’s take the time to get in the bed and have sex,” she said.The air smells of weed, sweat and urine, and next to the bar, a couple of glassy-eyed men in leather harnesses are leaning against each other, absentmindedly putting their hands down each others' pants as strobe lights flash."I've seen two men making out, but that's about it," complains Sofia, a thin, hoodie-wearing 24 year old with long hair visiting from New York, while surveying the general crowd. Sofia is at the tail end of a three-week visit to the city with her husband, a Brooklyn bar-owner, and has been a fan of EDM since she was 19.“Sex may have longer gratification and might have a bigger payoff, but people are going for fast and easy.”She said people can reclaim their bedroom and use it not to update Twitter, but to spend time with their partner. Andes said if you have a “noisy brain,” sex reallocates your blood flow to your genitals and can help clear your thoughts.Particularly for couples with children or stressful jobs, sometimes the idea of having sex is too much to bear, but having sex can have positive effects on your life. Sex releases endorphins that make you feel good and increase the feeling of closeness with your partner. But while sex intellectually makes sense, when you’re really tired it’s hard to follow through, she below in all its glory and check out the lyrics section if you like to learn the words or just want to sing along. " is the only words that you finna speak its about to get real x-rated can you handle what im 'bout to do? Verse 2: Luda Let the candles burn imma turn these lights DOWN & when ya body gets hot it'll get you licked up and iced DOWN nipples hard as rocks lips as soft as cotton you the apple of my eye & i got you spoiled rotten! Tell us if you like it by leaving a comment below and please remember to show your support by sharing it with your family and friends and purchasing Ludacris' music. Trey Songz Verse 1: Luda Ha, welcome to my little sanctuary You been lookin so good, all day & you really got a ****a pretty anxious ba-BY Betta call your boss tell 'em that your daddy's home Take a couple days off & take it off & leave nothing but ya tshirt & ya panties on feelin high but im hung real low lookin sorta like a power down yo & power up your i..power down your inhibitions, & power up your inner freak "yes! but enough about me, lemme think should i be worryin about if i can handle you? imma get my video camera lets make a movie baby you the star so as soon as i press record you gots ta do me baby!

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Don't miss our list of the greatest EDM albums of all time The club has been open since Friday night and will remain open until some time Monday morning.

A shift has the words “It was love” on the front and “I shaved my legs for him” on the back, and another has “I wore push up bras for him” on the front with “Never again” on the back.

Now she plans to open a new retail shop at 1515 Walnut St. For the next three months she will be using the space as a workroom, making T-shirts, patches, underwear and ceramics including mugs and planters.

Andres said couples need to understand how often each person needs to have sex to be fulfilled in the relationship.“Some people want to have sex every day, and they are,” she said.

“Other people have other priorities, so sex isn’t on the top of their list, so they are having it less.”The primary problem for many couples is not the frequency of sex, but how they talk about it, according to Heidi Crockett, a licensed psychotherapist in Florida and an (AASECT) American Association of Sexuality educators, counselors and therapists, certified sex therapist."If both people in the couple have a general desire to want to please their partner and participate in the relationship and talk about things openly, usually something can be negotiated that can satisfy both people," Crockett said.