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An exam board has apologised after teenagers taking a GCSE English literature paper were faced with an error in a question about Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet.Thousands of candidates are thought to have been affected by the mistake, which confused the two warring families - the Capulets and the Montagues - in the famous tragedy about two star-crossed lovers.Pearls were clutched with a feverish schadenfreude as unfaithful men panicked that their personal information had been leaked on the Internet. Search for dating apps, and you'll find thousands beyond the ones you already know.(The embarrassment that nearly all of the women on the site were spambots just added insult to injury.) On social media, the chorus that meets grim news about online dating is as predictable as it is jaded. One app alerts you the moment your Facebook crush breaks up with their current relationship partner. We make it a costume ball, where we can all show up as our fantasy selves and project our utopian dreams onto our prospects.

They asked each couple how long they’d known each other before they started dating, and they recruited people to watch videotapes of the couples and rate each individual’s physical attractiveness.

When the two rekindled their relationship, it was a violation of the young man's probation, which led to the young man being sentenced to five to 15 years in prison.

He served six years behind bars and, once released, had to register as a sex offender.

In a statement, a spokesman for the OCR exam board, which set the paper, said: 'We're aware of an error in today's OCR GCSE English Literature paper.'We apologise and will put things right when the exam is marked and graded so no student need worry about being disadvantaged.'We are investigating as a matter of urgency how this got through our assurance processes.'The question is one of two that students could choose to answer as part of the paper.

It is understood that around 14,000 students were sitting the paper and could have been affected.