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Unlike Ok Cupid, however, they haven’t chosen to put these points front and centre on their apps.

KUAC remains one of the most listened to and watched public broadcasting services in the country because of a long tradition of support.

Among others, the following vows are meant to show just how much you care for your significant other, and how dedicated you are to your relationship.

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Immediately following the video Marissa Altman, Junior Class Advisor at Taunton High School reminded student to “stay safe” and refrain from poor choices such as drinking and driving.

“One key observation is that society’s problems seem to be compounding as fast or faster than wealth can compound, suggesting a greater urgency to current funding.

Fall River, MA- On Thursday, March 30, 2017 junior and senior students at Taunton High School participated in the Katie Brown Educational Program’s Prom Promise Pledge during a morning assembly.

Stephanie Littlefield, of the Access Center at Taunton High School noted that car crashes are the number one cause of fatalities in high school ages students.

“I say car crashes and not car accidents, because if you choose to drink and drive that is not an accident.