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St Valentine is said to have been martyred in Rome in 269.While his exact history is unclear, Valentine is thought to have existed as archaeologists have unearthed an early church dedicated to someone of that name."There is a lot of evidence to suggest that young people who have tapped into prayer groups have found partners," she said.The only man who attempted to violate her was the son of the prefect.He struck blind, but Saint Agnes healed him with prayer. There are thousands of Saints in our Catholic history.

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Clare Ward, spokeswoman for the Catholic Enquiry Office, the official body providing information on Catholic life, said that while the distinction between the saints has always been clear within the Church it has, over the years, been blurred outside. Helen (249-329) found the True Cross in Jerusalem and, for many centuries, devotion to St.But there is another, sadder facet of Helen’s life.When difficulties arise, as they often do, many people do what they can, pray to God and, then, they pray for the intercession of patron saints.Since personal relationships are frequently faced with a myriad of problems, people might wonder if there’s a patron saint of relationships.