Late night adult chat

No wonder Andre goes absolutely apeshit at the beginning of every episode.

This is not a talk show, it's a torture chamber dressed up to look like an Eighties public-access oddity.

Chat shows can sometimes be snoozy watches, celebs going through the motions giving their latest album/TV show/film the hard sell.

This was never the case when it came to Robin Williams, who brought his crackerjack comic energy to the talk show circuit to entertain millions of TV viewers. The moment you hear your name, you do want to go 'f**k yeah! Williams also found time to recount his meeting with Laurence Olivier and rib Letterman for his ill-fated hosting stint.

Joe can currently be seen in his half hour Christmas special on Adult Swim.

There should be a term for how, given long enough, every social app adds a chat feature.

Users recently donated frequent flier miles to send 20 needy “Imgurians” home for the holidays, and 20,000 have signed up for its annual Secret Santa gift exchange.

When it comes to relationships, romance often grabs the spotlight.A simple glance in the self-help aisle of any bookstore reveals a thousand ways to Get a Mate/Keep a Mate/Dump a Mate/Get Over a Mate—perhaps there are even tips on how to Moisturize A Mate—and yet so few words written on friendship, which is one reason I wrote relationships that often make up the highs and lows of our lives, and in some ways they affect our daily well-being even more than our family does.For better or for worse, friend relationships, or the lack of them, can largely determine our happiness.Joe Pera most recently performed his stand up on LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS and received rave reviews.His animated special JOE PERA TALKS YOU TO SLEEP can be seen on Adult Swim, which he executive produced, wrote and voiced.