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Manuel Fuentes Guerra inherits a fortune of his father, whom never wanted to recognize him as his son.

The self-confessed 'lone wolf' said: 'I've got lots of really great friends, but the thought of being in a long-lasting relationship?In 1996 Meier released an album, No Me Acuerdo Quién Fui, which produced the singles, "tus huellas entre la mías" and "Carreteras Mojadas" (Wet Highways) that got the first positions in almost all radio station charts in Peru. In 1997 began the production of his second album Primero en Mojarme, with Manuel Garrido-Lecca, a well known musical producer that he worked with in Arena Hash.In 2002 Christian produced Once Noches, probably the album that brought him the most accolades.After finishing high school he studied Graphic Design graduating in early 1992.with Pedro Suárez Vértiz, Patricio Suárez Vértiz and Arturo Pomar.